The Importance Of Wearing Sunscreen On A Daily Basis

You may be well aware that wearing sunscreen when spending extended time outdoors is a smart idea. However, many patients are unaware that they should actually be applying sunscreen each and every day. There are many reasons why patients should make the application of sunscreen part of their daily routine, regardless of how they are spending their day. Below are just a few of the main reasons why sunscreen should be applied every morning.

  • Sunscreen can protect patients of all skin types and ethnicities. While patients with a darker complexion have a higher level of melanin to protect the skin, it can still be harmed by the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Patients with fair skin are also more likely to develop skin cancer from sun exposure, which is why the American Academy of Dermatology recommends that everyone wears sunscreen on a daily basis for skin protection.
  • Sun damage can be mistaken for aging skin. Dermatologists often speak with patients who have visible damage on their skin, and many believe this is just from the natural aging process. However, most of this damage is actually caused by the sun and may be completely avoidable with daily sunscreen use.
  • Sunscreen has a wide range of application options. No longer do patients have to worry about streaks of cream on their skin. Many sunscreens come in different types of applications including lotions, sprays, and even rolling applicators. This makes it easier than ever to protect the skin.
  • Sunscreen can protect on cloudy days. The sun is strong even when it’s not shining down, so it makes it even more important to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays with sunscreen.
  • Sun damage causes unwanted exposure to ultraviolet rays. Some patients tell their doctor that they are building up a tan with short sun exposures over time. However, sun damage is cumulative, and each exposure can increase the risk of damage and cancer.

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