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What is Massage therapy?

Massage therapy was originally used in ancient times to prevent and alleviate symptoms and assist in natural healing. Today we use massage for many of the same purposes, as well as to promote relaxation and create an aura of health and happiness At Tranquil Waters Med Spa in Gilbert, AZ, we offer a wide variety of different types of massage therapy. Our highly trained massage therapist use hands-on methods of pressing, rubbing, and kneading the soft tissues. Your massage therapist may also use forearms or elbows, to provide you with the most effective treatment for your needs. Massage therapy is considered safe and effective for most patients while offering numerous benefits.

This fully body CBD massage combines elements of deep tissue and sports massage, with the powerfully soothing effects of CBD. The unique Phyto-PRO massage oil is formulated to deliver a full 50 ml dose of CBD, along with powerful pain relieving and anti-inflammatory botanicals offering a supremely restorative experience for muscle recovery and overall deep relaxation.

Hot stones offer a potent method in delivering our concentrated CBD formula deep into the tissues. Enjoy an expert application of synergy stones to specific points in the body, promoting optimal relaxation and receptivity to the CBD formula. This is an  excellent pre and post event therapy and an ideal combination for full body restoration.

Soak your whole body in a cocoon of CBD therapy! This wrap technique provides twice the therapeutic benefits allowing deep relief to muscles and joints which will have long lasting effects with a spa quality delivery. This is an excellent therapy for widespread pain and inflammation or simply to recover and restore your body at the same time!
** Highly recommended in combination with Body Sculpting Massage or Deep Contouring Sea Mineral Mask.

Add a specialized application of CBD to painful areas during any massage or body treatment. Perfect for that sore neck or previous knee injury. Hot or cool thermo-therapy is applied over a powerful dose of CBD. Choose 2 locations or double dose one spot and get extra strength relief!

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Discover our secrets to aging gracefully
A Certified MD

Nicolle Kent MD, FRCPC is a Physician Trainer for “Inmode” training Plastic Surgeons and fellow MD’s throughout the Western and Midwest states on the specialized treatments of ACCUTITE, FACETITE, MORPHEUS 8, FRACTORA, and VOTIVA which are all available at our Med Spa!



Experience the difference by using these fine products we use every day and make available for purchase by our clients where we can recommend just the right product to meet your beauty needs.



Tranquil Waters Med Spa in Gilbert, AZ offers a full spectrum of spa services and minimally-invasive procedures for women and men. We carry the best facial products that are only available at professional Medical Spa establishments like ours.



An exotic blend of botanicals including Morocco Argan and Rose Hip Seed oils whipped with ancient Celtic sea salts providing the rich and creamy texture of this luxurious treatment, which gently exfoliates and nourishes tired skin into a luminous glow.

Harness the power of nature’s botanicals to provide powerful skin quenching hydration. Every step of this restorative treatment offers intense moisture locking ingredients for your whole body, leaving your skin smooth, supple and deeply refreshed.

A complex blend of herbal infusions combined with the powerful purifying chemistry of essential oils and essential fatty acids work deep into fatty tissues to breakdown deposits and move toxins out of the body.
** Highly recommended in combination with Body Sculpting Massage or Deep Contouring Sea Mineral Mask.

Put the power of the deep seas to work in this body toning and skin tightening full luxury therapy. Sea minerals and ancient clays pull toxins from the tissues while delivering potent micronutrients to the tissues, toning and tightening the belly hips and thighs.

Will change with specials and seasons (ask for details)

  • Stones: $20
  • Synergy Hot Stone
  • Deep Muscle Stone
  • Cold Stone
  • Hand Repair Serum: 10$
  • Sugar Foot Polish
The medical care you deserve
with an MD.
Not all Medical Spas are equal.  Here at Tranquil Waters Med Spa, you have a full time MD doing all your injections and major procedures every time you visit, rather than a nurse or other health care provider.  Dr Kent is known for her compassion and honesty and believes in educating her patients so they can feel comfortable in making the right decisions.  Dr Kent personally walks her clients through every step from beginning to end to ensure that they feel safe and taken care of through their whole experience.  Come and experience the expert medical care you deserve with an MD!
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I.e. Votiva, Facetite, Accutite, Massage, Facial, etc.