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Female Revjuvenation – Votiva


Previously, women did not have many options to improve intimate issues that occur during childbirth or aging. Now, with new technologies available, women have more options to resolve their discomfort. At Tranquil Waters Med Spa in Gilbert AZ, we offer new vaginal rejuvenation options that are effective, easy, and painless.

The time has come for a safe and effective treatment that is quick and comfortable. Votiva offers solutions that address internal and external vaginal health issues with non-invasive resurfacing technologies.

Votiva uses FormaV and FractoraV technologies to address the internal and external areas of discomfort or concern. FormaV provides internal and external non-invasive skin contraction, while FractoraV provides external skin renewal using targeted fractional tips.

During a pre-consultation, your physician will speak to you regarding your vaginal rejuvenation concerns and expectations. During this time, they will develop a tailored treatment plan that can include either FormaV or FractoraV, or both.


The Votiva system from InMode is a vaginal rejuvenation system that utilizes two different modalities to address both external and internal slackening of the vaginal tissues due to childbirth and the effects of general aging. Votiva uses FormaV to deliver thermal tissue remodeling of both internal and external tissues. FractoraV provides radiofrequency energy for tissue contraction on the outer vaginal tissues.

  • Do you notice vaginal discomfort symptoms on a regular basis?
  • Are you post-menopausal?
  • Have you been through cancer treatment?
  • Do you choose not (or cannot) use estrogen/hormone therapies?
  • Are you experiencing urinary problems?
  • Do your symptoms effect: sleep, activity, athletics, travel, and social activities?
  • Would you like to be able to have sexual relations without discomfort?
  • Are you experiencing: dryness, itching, discharge, odor, irritation, tenderness?
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A Certified MD

Nicolle Kent MD, FRCPC is a Physician Trainer for “Inmode” training Plastic Surgeons and fellow MD’s throughout the Western and Midwest states on the specialized treatments of ACCUTITE, FACETITE, MORPHEUS 8, FRACTORA, and VOTIVA which are all available at our Med Spa!



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Patients can expect to feel a heating sensation during vaginal rejuvenation treatment. Results can be felt and seen immediately, with continued results over the following weeks or multiple treatments.

These are some of the common complaints and problems experienced by most women due to aging, childbirth, and decreasing estrogen levels:

Elasticity and wrinkled appearance of the labia and vulva

Loosened vaginal canal especially after childbirth

Low blood flow and sensitivity

Pain sensation caused by labial hypertrophy

Decrease in sexual interest and self-esteem

Urinary stress incontinence

Votiva vaginal rejuvenation treatments at Tranquil Waters Med Spa make use of two handheld devices — FormaV and FractoraV.

FormaV delivers heat to both internal and external tissues to address hypertrophy of the labia and vaginal laxity. The heat is delivered incrementally as the handpiece is inserted and moved from back to front in the vagina. FormaV uses non-ablative radiofrequency energy to gently heat the mucosa and external labia tissues for up to 30 minutes. FormaV continually monitors vaginal lining temperatures to ensure comfort and safety.

FractoraV uses fractional resurfacing to rejuvenate the outer tissues. The patient receives topical anesthetic over the treatment area. Then the handpiece is lightly pressed on the skin delivering radiofrequency contraction to the external tissues. An array of tiny pins creates slight punctures in the skin and delivers the radiofrequency energy. The handpiece is moved either vertically or horizontally with an overlap of 30 to 50 percent from the previous pass. This results in localized heating and coagulation of the tissue that is in direct contact with the pins. Fractional coagulation promotes remodeling of the skin’s collagen, tightening the tissues. Plus, the untreated tissue between the pins promotes rapid healing of the tiny punctures. The body also reacts to the punctures as if wounded, producing new collagen to “heal” the perceived wound, improving and tightening the skin over the next weeks.

Votiva vaginal rejuvenation treatments at Tranquil Waters Med Spa make use of two handheld devices — FormaV and FractoraV.

We recommend a series of three treatments with Votiva FormaV and one treatment with FractoraV. These should be spaced from 4-6 weeks apart. After that, to maintain your results, maintenance treatments should be done every 9-12 months.

Patients may have some slight swelling with Votiva FractoraV vaginal rejuvenation treatment, but it usually settles down in a day or two. Any pain is easily manageable with over-the-counter pain medication. There is no pain or any recovery with FormaV treatment.

Most patients note a change after just their first or second Votiva vaginal rejuvenation sessions. But the biggest changes and decreases in laxity come a few weeks after the first treatment as the body produces and delivers new collagen and elastin to the treated areas.

The FormaV aspect of treatment is non-painful, delivering merely a warm sensation to the treatment areas. The fractional resurfacing of the FractoraV portion of these treatments involves slight discomfort, but this is mitigated by the application of topical numbing anesthetic prior to that portion of the procedure.

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Not all Medical Spas are equal.  Here at Tranquil Waters Med Spa, you have a full time MD doing all your injections and major procedures every time you visit, rather than a nurse or other health care provider.  Dr Kent is known for her compassion and honesty and believes in educating her patients so they can feel comfortable in making the right decisions.  Dr Kent personally walks her clients through every step from beginning to end to ensure that they feel safe and taken care of through their whole experience.  Come and experience the expert medical care you deserve with an MD!
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