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Our Med Spa Facility in Gilbert, AZ is one of the Valley’s premier med spa destinations. Our staff are professionally trained experts in the latest techniques and products. Our service and dedication to our clients is unsurpassed. We specialize in facial rejuvenation, botox, body contouring, facial fillers, painless laser hair removal and medical aesthetics. Here you will find a full time Medical Doctor dedicated to providing you the medical attention you deserve in a “Spa like environment”.


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The medical care you deserve
with an MD.
Not all Medical Spas are equal.  Here at Tranquil Waters Med Spa, you have a full time MD doing all your injections and major procedures every time you visit, rather than a nurse or other health care provider.  Dr Kent is known for her compassion and honesty and believes in educating her patients so they can feel comfortable in making the right decisions.  Dr Kent personally walks her clients through every step from beginning to end to ensure that they feel safe and taken care of through their whole experience.  Come and experience the expert medical care you deserve with an MD!
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